CLASS Students

Our students are a diverse group that includes exploratory/undecided students as well as students who weren't directly admitted to their majors of choice. 

The Center for Learning, Advising and Student Success (CLASS) is also the first academic home for some students whose degree programs don't have direct admission.  

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Our Students

Many students begin their college careers at WVU within the Center for Learning, Advising and Student Success (CLASS) in Undergraduate Education. 

Undergraduate Studies – Intended Majors

Many students enter WVU with intended majors. Yet, their GPA and ACT/SAT scores did not meet the direct admission requirements for their programs of study. CLASS is the academic home for you while you work to fulfill the requirements for your major of choice. 


Exploratory students have not yet chosen a major. You are admitted into CLASS within Undergraduate Education, where our academic advisers help you explore options and choose a major.

Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy and Medical Laboratory Sciences 

The pharmacy, occupational therapy and medical laboratory sciences programs do not directly admit students. So, these students begin their studies at WVU in CLASS within Undergraduate Education. 

Our advisers help you select the correct course schedules to progress through these programs as well as help you when it's time to formally apply to the program (usually in your sophomore year).
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