If you haven't yet chosen a major, you're considered "exploratory." But, don't worry. We'll help you find what interests you so you can select the field of study that is best for you. 

Our class schedules help to ensure you complete courses within the General Education Curriculum or the General Education Foundation while working toward completing your degree on time. 


A number of students begin their academic careers at WVU as exploratory (undecided). The Center for Learning, Advising and Student Success (CLASS) within the Office of Undergraduate Education will be your first academic home until you select a major and meet the requirements to be accepted into that degree program.


Some students are exploratory, and did not select a major on their application. Our advisers will  work with you to help you narrow your academic and careers interests. Then, you’ll select a major that is right for you.

Dental Hygiene 

Dental hygiene applications are evaluated in the spring before your first year of study. So, if you received your acceptance letter from WVU before March, you’ll be admitted as “Undergraduate Studies: Exploratory.” That way, you can still proceed through the steps for enrollment, such as applying for housing, while waiting for the decision from the WVU School of Dentistry in March.

All other students who are admitted into CLASS:

FYP Adventure Experience

Peer support and team building helps you to become successful academically. The  Adventure WV Orientation Experience trips provide these benefits while you explore the beauty of West Virginia.  

Adventure WV leads small outdoor experiential educational trips for our students. During these pre-college trips, you'll have the opportunity to meet other first-year students as well as see a different side of the University and the state of West Virginia.

If you have any concerns about summer travel or think you might have difficulty scheduling a summer orientation experience, please contact Joyce Wang at  Joyce.Wang@mail.wvu.edu.

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