About the UAC

 Our Mission and our members

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WVU Assessment Council Mission

  • Facilitate and enhance communication among assessment leadership and within the University (e.g. reporting and sharing data and practices with all divisions as appropriate)
  • Act as a repository for assessment related information, instruction, resources, and data
  • Serve as a cross-campus forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and advice on methods, strategies, practices, and metrics of assessment
  • Keep the university community apprised of expectations for assessment, including expectations related to regional accreditation
  • Direct and develop special projects using assessment
  • Provide sustained attention on centralized, consistent, and systematic processes and policies across the University to reduce variability in assessment quality and engagement
  • Oversee, review, and comment upon program review policies, processes, and reports

UAC Membership

The UAC is composed of standing members as well as appointed faculty and staff representatives from the schools and colleges and divisional campuses and from administrative and functional units that support assessment practices.  Standing members represent positions that are central to university assessment and therefore occupy permanent seats on the UAC. Appointed members are those faculty and staff that have been designated as either central the success of on-going assessment initiatives or leaders in assessment within their own functional units. Appointed members will serve on the UAC for staggered, two-year terms.

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