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Assessment News Archive

Spring 2018

The Assessment Council completed its overhaul of the program review process. The results of its work can be viewed on the new program review website.

There will be a workshop on the new process on September 7th at 10:30 am in room 104 of the Downtown Library. Colleges and departments may also contact the Director of Assessment directly for assistance.

AY 2018-19 will see the Council turn its attention to common data requests across the institution and developing some common reports and dashboards for those requests.

We also are the first academic home for many students including those who are exploratory or undecided, those who haven't been accepted into their college of choice, and pre-majors whose programs do not directly admit students.

Fall 2017

The University Assessment Council (UAC) successfully completed the following projects which are available for review here:

  1. Provision of all programs under program review in AY 17-18 with front-loaded student data and faculty productivity data.
  2. A review of the GEC-to-GEF transition process revealed an assessment issue that placed a temporary moratorium on new GEF courses until it is resolved.

Spring 2017

The University Assessment Council (UAC) successfully completed the following projects which are available for review here and on the  Projects and Resources page:

  1. Identifying the data sources and definitions for the front-loaded data in program review:  front-loaded data list.
  2. Production of the front-loaded data for program use in AY 17-18 program reviews: sample data visualizations
  3. Elimination of faculty data sheets in program review as a by-product of the front-loaded data.
  4. Revising the program review workflow to ensure the review comments and action plans get to the most appropriate program stakeholders:  program review workflow .
  5. Investigating program review and program review data archival and storage so that longitudinal meta-analysis by both the UAC and by programs themselves can occur. More on the program review repository in fall of 2017.
  6. The eCampus Goals tool pilot is complete and was a success. Two different kinds of reports are available through the tool, one a semester-by-semester coverage report which is kind of a real-time curriculum map, the other a performance report which shows student progress compared to program set thresholds for each learning outcomes. Sample reports are available.
  7. The GEF assessment pilot was completed with positive results and will roll into the full and regular assessment cycle for GEF courses beginning in fall 2017 with GEF area 1. 
  8. Beginning in fall 2017, the Faculty Se nate Curriculum Committee will partner with the institution’s Quality Matters staff to deliver an expedited review process for new courses being proposed in support of new academic programs.

January 2017

The results from the fall General Education Foundation (GEF) assessment pilot are in and have been analyzed. The most interesting findings included: a high success rate for the training in faculty scoring norming - the training itself lasted less than an hour and was delivered once at the beginning of the semester; distribution of faculty selection of LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes was clustered and will need the Faculty Senate GEF Committee oversight; a Qualtrics-based data reporting form will be developed for use in the spring pilot based upon various issues with using Sharepoint as an evidence collection medium and as a data repository. Check out more information on WVU's General Education Foundation program, the LEAP Essential Learning outcomes, and the GEF assessment plan.