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If you haven't yet chosen a major, you're considered "exploratory" or "undecided". But don't worry. We'll help you find what interests you so you can select the field of study that is best for you. 

Our class schedules help to ensure you complete courses within the General Education Foundations while working toward completing your degree on time. 


A number of students begin their academic careers at WVU as exploratory (undecided) students. The Center for Learning, Advising and Student Success (CLASS) will be your first academic home until you select a amajor and meet the requirements to be accepted into that degree program.

CLASS allows students to explore their options for one academic year. During this time, students will be taking courses that help them explore their interests and also fulfill graduation requirements needed for every major at WVU.

Exploratory students are encouraged to work closely with a caree counselor through WVU's Career Services Center. A career assessment tool, called FOCUS2, is available to admitted students in order to help them explore majors and career paths to determine which career direction fits them best.

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