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Academic Advising Council

The Academic Advising Council (AAC) is a committee within the office of the associate provost of undergraduate education. 

The AAC address advising matters across all of WVU's colleges and schools. 

Academic Advising Council Executive Committee

The Academic Advising Council Executive Committee is Andrea Bebell, Susan Catanzarite, Alexander Lastinger, Valérie Lastinger, Frederick McDonald, Allyson Pierce, Morgan Sharpless, Louis Slimak, Jessica Stidham, and Misti Woldemikael. 

Academic Advising Council List

To receive email updates, please join the Academic Advising Council list:

Email In the body of the email, type subscribe aac_info, followed by your first and last names. Example: subscribe aac_info Jane Doe

You will receive an email back from the ListServ asking you to confirm your subscription. Click on the confirmation link or reply to the message with OK as the response.

Nicholas Evans Advising Award

4 Advisers Honored with Evans Advising Award for 2017-18