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Program Procedures and Review

Learn about the procedures for creating or changing a program at WVU, as well as the review process for established programs.

Program Procedures and Review

WVU has detailed guidelines governing the creation, change or review of programs. 

Procedures for Creating, Changing, and Terminating Programs
WVU has a standard definitions for the categorization of all degree programs, majors, minors, areas of emphasis, and undergraduate and graduate certificate programs at locations currently served by the University.

There is also a policy that governs creating, changing, and terminating degree programs of all types at WVU.

The relevant approval processes are implemented through the Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) system.

The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission (HEPC) has the authority to review and approve academic programs that are proposed to be offered at a new location not currently served by WVU. In addition, new off-campus sites must be approved by the Higher Learning Commission prior to program delivery.

Program Review

The purpose of institutional program review is to evaluate all academic programs for

for their consistency with mission, adequacy, viability, effectiveness, and necessity.

The primary purpose of these reviews is to ensure that programs are dedicated to and engaged with a continuous improvement process and that they are directed to and connected with the relevant resources to support the areas in which they are striving to improve.

Program reviews are broadly arranged around the following areas:

  • Mission
  • Facilities and Equipment
  • Faculty Composition and Productivity
  • Student Enrollment and Graduation History
  • Assessment
  • Program Improvement

For undergraduate programs, the Undergraduate Council is responsible for conducting the initial program reviews. Graduate and professional programs are reviewed by the Graduate Council.

The University Assessment Council is responsible for for reviewing and revising the program review process itself.

The University is required to submit a summary report for each program every five years to the WVU Board of Governors and the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission (W. Va. Code §18B-1B-4and 18B-2A-4).

Program Review Procedures

Here is the information you'll need to conduct your program review:

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