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Undergraduate Council

The Undergraduate Council is a committee that serves WVU within the office of the associate provost of undergraduate education. 

Undergraduate Council

The Undergraduate Council serves the university within the Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs. 

The Undergraduate Council's primary responsibility is to provide program reviews for the university's undergraduate programs. 

AY 2017-18 Membership

Paul Kreider, Provost's Office, WVU-Morgantown
Louis Slimak, Teaching and Learning Commons, WVU-Morgantown
Jennifer Steele, Sociology and Anthropology, WVU-Morgantown
Jing Qiu, Libraries, WVU-Morgantown
John Temple, Media, WVU-Morgantown
Kari Sand-Jecklin, Nursing, WVU-Morgantown
Ken Blemings, Honors, WVU-Morgantown
Laura Porter, Education and Human Sciences, WVU-Morgantown
Scott Cottrell, Medical Education, WVU-Morgantown
Sven Verlinden, Plant & Soil Sciences, WVU-Morgantown
Valerie Lastinger, Arts & Sciences, WVU-Morgantown
Virginia Kleist, MIS, WVU-Morgantown
David Wyrick, Engineering, WVU-Morgantown
Yoav Kaddar, Theatre, WVU-Morgantown
Deepak Mehra, Engineering, WVU-Keyser
Donna Ballard, Horticulture, WVU-Keyser
Md. Amin, Accounting, WVU-Beckley

A list of the council's members is also available to download.

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