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Projects and Resources

 Read, review, and comment upon UAC projects.
Find a UAC-sponsored assessment resource.

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UAC Projects for Academic Year 2017-18

As the UAC brings each project below to completion, executive summaries of the project will be posted for review and comment by university assessment stakeholders.

UAC Sponsored Resources

All resources are offered to the entire WVU system as ways of addressing specific programmatic needs and practices within assessment. The use of UAC resources is NOT mandatory, in part or in full. All resources, with the exception of the assessment glossary which exists to provide a standard language through which to discuss institutional assessment practices, may be adapted or modified to fit with a particular program's assessment practices.

Projects Open for Public Review and Comment

    Upcoming Projects

    • Program review Qualtrics form for both programs and reviewers
    • University and college-level baselines for program review data


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