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For Undergraduate Education Staff

Do you have an upcoming event or some exciting news that you want to promote? 

Contact our communications department to get your promotional project started. 

For Undergraduate Education Staff

We're streamlining the way we promote events and news. That way, we can better serve you and highlight the great things that Undergraduate Education is doing.

Communications Contact

Contact Lynn Reinke with any communications needs you have. When you email her, be sure you share the following information with her:
  1. Your project's deadline
  2. The communications goal
  3. The audience(s)
  4. Key messages you need to convey
  5. The tone for the text (i.e. - formal, casual, engaging, etc.)
  6. Your budget for communications materials

Keep in mind some key details regarding communications projects:
  • There are many resources we can use to cross-promote your event or news. We'll help you uncover the best, most strategic ways we can do that. 
  • Please allow 4-10 weeks for a print piece, depending on its size and complexity.
  • We outsource our design and printing work. Therefore, we need to ensure those resources are available before we finalize a project schedule. 
  • Please contact us 3 weeks in advance to include information on our website or social media channels.
  • Build in extra time if your content/text needs to have an additional level of review before it is published (i.e., review by the dean). 

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