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Pass/Fail Grading

Detailed Information on Pass/Fail Grading for Spring 2020

Beginning the week of March 30 through April 24, undergraduate students in the West Virginia University system will be allowed to select High Pass/Pass/Fail (HP/P/F) grading for their courses. Students may select the HP/P/F option on a course-by-course basis; they may have some courses that use the traditional letter grading scale and some that are on the pass/fail grading scale.

This revised policy is for undergraduate students only. 

What Is HP/P/F Grading?

HP/P/F grading is an alternative to traditional letter grading where High Pass and Pass grades provide credit but do not affect the student’s grade point average (GPA).  The grade of F carries no credit and is calculated in the GPA.  It is different than P/F grading in that HP/P/F grading is allowed in courses required for the major.

HP/P/F grading may not be appropriate for courses that are required for entrance into professional graduate schools as the courses will not be reflected in the GPA. 

If HP/P/F grading is requested for a course being repeated for the first time (such as a D/F repeat course), the HP/P/F grade will replace the previous grade.

Please contact your academic advisor if you have questions about HP/P/F grading.

Review FAQs About This Option

How to Request HP/P/F Grading

Undergraduate students considering the HP/P/F grading option are encouraged to discuss this with their academic advisor before filling out the online request form. Some departments require advisor approval before the change is implemented. It is important that students understand the impact of this grading option on GPA, degree progression and graduate or professional school applications. Once the HP/P/F option has been selected for a course, it cannot be reversed.

In addition to talking with an academic advisor, students should review the FAQs page.

Finally, to request the HP/P/F Grading Option, students will need to complete the online request form. The deadline for requests is April 24.

Submit a Request Form

How HP/P/F Grades are Calculated

HP/P/F  Grade

Traditional Grade Scale

Traditional Letter Grade



A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-



D+, D, D-




How HP/P/F Grading Fulfills Prerequisite Requirements

When the prerequisite for a course is a D- or higher, an HP or P will satisfy the prerequisite .

When the prerequisite for a course is a C- or higher, an HP will satisfy the prerequisite .

When the prerequisite for a course is a B- or higher, consult with your advisor.