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COVID-19 Related Academic Policies and Changes

The policies and guidelines found on this page are for the academic year of 2020-2021 and have been created by the Provost's Office and its partners in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guidelines and Expectations for Faculty

  • Instructor Expectations and Best Practices
    • The Pedagogy and Instruction Committee, composed of members of the Provost's Office, Teaching and Learning Commons, college administrators, and Faculty Senate composed a set of expectations, recommendations, and best practices for instruction in AY 20-21.
  • Ensuring Safe Classroom Behavior
    • The Office of Student Conduct and CARE Team have put forward recommendations on how to help faculty members identify and respond appropriately to disruptive classroom behavior that could endanger the health of others.
  • Public Health and Safety Guidance
    • This webpage lays out WVU's plans for keeping the university community safe this academic year as well as the requirements for faculty regarding testing and the wearing of personal protective equipment.

Guidelines and Expectations for Students

  • COVID-19 Syllabus Statement
    • Developed by the Provost's Office and approved by Faculty Senate, this syllabus statement sets the expectations for the use of PPE by students in the classroom.
  • PPE Use Policy
    • Added as part of the Student Code of Conduct for academic year 20-21, this policy states the requirements for student use of PPE while on campus.
  • Notice of Class Recording Policy
    • Meetings of a course at West Virginia University (WVU), whether online or in-person, may be recorded. Recordings are not guaranteed, and are intended to supplement the planned class session. Recordings will be made available to class participants, which may include students, assistants, guest lecturers, and co-facilitators. Recordings may be shared by the instructor or institution in accordance with WVU Rules and policies. The Recordings are owned by and contain intellectual property of WVU.  The Recordings may not be shared, copied, reproduced, redistributed, transferred, or disseminated in any form or by any means without the prior written consent of authorized officials of WVU

Catalog Policies

  • WVU Attendance Policy
    • COVID-19 related absences for either illness or quarantine will be treated as university-sanctioned absences for academic year 2020-2021. This means that students who miss class for those reasons cannot be punished academically (cannot lose points) and will be given the chance to either make-up work that was missed or given alternative means to meet the course learning outcomes.
      • Generally, students who are in quarantine will be expected to be working on completing assignments while they are in quarantine.
  • WVU Emergency Leave Policy
    • An Emergency Leave policy was added to the Catalog. This policy functions the same as the Military Leave Policy and protects students who experience a prolonged and consecutive absence from class due to an unexpected illness, injury, or other unexpected event. Students will work with the dean's office of their major and their instructors to arrive at the best possible resolution (from receiving the grade for the course that has been earned thus far, to an Incomplete or late withdrawal) for each course. While no particular outcome is guaranteed, it will protect students from the most adverse outcomes.
      • Evidence of the illness, injury,or event may be required depending upon the resolution.