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Student Success Programs

Your success is our passion. We're inspiring our students to do more, to be more and to change the world. 

Graduation is the goal, and we'll help get you there. 
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Student Success Programs

Our Student Success Programs are academic initiatives that create an environment of support so you can reach your full potential. 

These programs - listed below - help you achieve personal and academic success at WVU. 

First-Year Programs
The first year of college is critical to your overall success as a college student. Therefore, we have numerous First-Year Programs that help you in your transition from high school to college. 

Early Alert Program
The Early Alert Program helps to identify students who are having academic difficulties early in the semester. The program then provides resources to help you get back on track.

Summer BOOST Program
The Summer BOOST Program gives current students an opportunity to earn college credit while receiving targeted academic support, such as tutoring and success coaching.