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Early Alert Program

The Early-Alert Program helps to identify students who are having academic difficulties early in the semester. The program then provides resources to help you get back on track.

Early Alert Program

The Early Alert program identifies students who are experiencing academic difficulties three to five weeks into the semester and provides resources to help them improve their performance.

Students - your faculty who participate will alert program coordinators, who will then reach out to you with resources you can use to boost your grade(s). 

Information for Faculty Participants

To participate in the Early Alert program faculty members will need to:
  • Set the criteria that defines under-performance. For example: D or F on the first test, quiz, or homework assignment and/or absences.
  • List campus resources to which they want students referred. For example: departmental learning centers for tutoring, the Academic Resource Centers, professors’ office hours, etc.

Early Alert messages will go out to students through SSC Campus. We will check grade reports daily and send messages as faculty members submit their grades.
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