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First-Year Programs

We have a range of programs to support you during your first year at WVU. 

These programs will help smooth your transition from high school work to the rigors of college courses. 

First-Year Programs

It seems obvious: College is different than high school. The course work is harder, the classes are structured differently and you'll shoulder more responsibility. 

Our First-Year Programs help you bridge the gap to ensure a successful freshman year at WVU. 

First-Year Academy

First-Year Academy is the official academic kick-off to the fall semester. 

First-Year Seminar
All incoming freshman take a First-Year Seminar course at WVU. 

First-Year Pathway
For select first-time college students, First-Year Pathway helps build a solid academic foundation.

Mid-Year Academy
Freshmen on academic probation at the end of their first semester are automatically enrolled in the WVU PASS program and attend the one-day  Mid-Year Academy at the beginning of their second semester. 

Preparing to Achieve Student Success
The Preparing to Achieve Student Success (PASS) Program is designed to help first-year students on academic probation get back on track.