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University Assessment Council

University Assessment Council (UAC) is the coordinating resource for assessment and data-driven efforts to continuously improve instruction, student performance, academic effectiveness, co-curricular programs, student support services, and administrative functions on campus.

Assessment News

Fall 2018

AY 2017-18 saw some great assessment work done around the institution. Here are just a few different examples.

The GEF assessed Area 1 (ENGL 101 and 102) across all three WVU locations.

The College of Creative Arts marries assessment of all of its GEF courses with assessment of the college's own learning outcomes. That project has begun to uncover what competencies its students generally struggle with and will lead to a more nuanced assessment in the future.

The department of Biology received top marks in Eberly's annual assessment review. The program is exemplary for its range of direct assessment measures, the number of courses that are evaluated from across the program, the alignment of those courses with the program learning outcomes, the evidence it collects and analyzes, and, most importantly, the way it ties its assessment practices to program and curricular improvement!

The institution completed analysis of over 400 reported academic dishonesty violations and will have an informational workshop on October 9th to discuss the results in more depth. The institution's new Director of Academic Integrity will also partner with the Executive Director of Student Conduct and the Director of Academic Excellence and Assessment to develop strategies to improve a variety of issues highlighted in the analysis.

Spring 2018

The Assessment Council completed its overhaul of the program review process. The results of its work can be viewed on the new program review website.

There will be a workshop on the new process on September 7th at 10:30 am in room 104 of the Downtown Library. Colleges and departments may also contact the Director of Assessment directly for assistance.

AY 2018-19 will see the Council turn its attention to common data requests across the institution and developing some common reports and dashboards for those requests.

We also are the first academic home for many students including those who are exploratory or undecided, those who haven't been accepted into their college of choice, and pre-majors whose programs do not directly admit students.


UAC Goals

  • Facilitate and enhance communication among assessment leadership and within the University (e.g. reporting and sharing data and practices with all divisions as appropriate)
  • Act as a repository for assessment related information, instruction, resources, and data
  • Serve as a cross-campus forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and advice on methods, strategies, practices, and metrics of assessment
  • Keep the university community apprised of expectations for assessment, including expectations related to regional accreditation
  • Direct and develop special projects using assessment
  • Provide sustained attention on centralized, consistent, and systematic processes and policies across the University to reduce variability in assessment quality and engagement
  • Oversee, review, and comment upon program review policies, processes, and reports

Assessment Goals

  • Develop user-friendly systems for the access and use of information and data, completion of processes, and enabling of meta-analysis.
  • Promote an evidence-based approach to instruction and the development of effective instructional policies and practices.
  • Encourage a culture of assessment by collaborating with stakeholders and providing resources.

UAC Membership

The UAC is composed of standing members as well as appointed faculty and staff representatives from the schools and colleges and divisional campuses and from administrative and functional units that support assessment practices.  Standing members represent positions that are central to university assessment and therefore occupy permanent seats on the UAC. Appointed members are those faculty and staff that have been designated as either central the success of on-going assessment initiatives or leaders in assessment within their own functional units. Appointed members will serve on the UAC for staggered, two-year terms.

Current Council Members


Louis Slimak, Director of Academic Excellence and Assessment

Positions with Standing Representation

  • Paul Kreider, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs
  • Katherine Karraker, Associate Provost for Graduate Academic Affairs
  • Barbara Copenhaver-Bailey, Director, Assessment and Research
  • Marcia Bastian, Director of Assessment and Instructional Development, WVU Institute of Technology
  • Kelly Diamond, Head of the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support, Libraries
  • David Hauser, Chair of the Faculty Senate
  • Ashley Martucci, Chair of the Faculty Senate Teaching and Assessment Committee
  • Kim Floyd, Chair of the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee
  • Rob Brock, Chair of the Faculty Senate General Education Foundations Committee
  • Erin Kelley, Director of Learning Experience Design
  • Robynn Shannon, Assistant Director of Assessment and Quality Assurance
  • Shirley Robinson, Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Academic Affairs
Appointed Members
  • Vicki Huffman, Associate Professor of Biology, WVU Keyser
  • Heather Henderson, Director of Assessment, School of Public Health
  • Graham Peace, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Undergraduate Programs, Business and Economics
  • Marie Abate, Professor of Clinical Pharmacy
  • Dana Voelker, Assistant Professor, College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences
  • John Hendricks, Associate Dean of the College of Creative Arts
  • Joshua Hertlein, Program Coordinator, College of Education and Human Services
  • Tracey Beckley, Assistant Dean for Teaching and Learning

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