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With more than 120 undergraduate degrees to explore, you can create a career path that matches your passion. 

Take part in leadership opportunities, apply to prestigious scholarships, study abroad and find an internship that broadens your experience. 

At WVU, you'll have a strong academic foundation and an even stronger support system to help you succeed no matter what you choose to do.

Still deciding? That's okay!

Are you still not sure what you'll study? You're in good company. Lots of students aren't sure about a major when they first begin college. If you enter WVU as an exploratory / undecided student, you'll begin your academic career in the Center for Learning, Advising and Student Success (CLASS). 

As a CLASS student, you'll be assigned a professional adviser who will work with you one-on-one to match your interests to a field of study. We're here to help and can direct you to any resources you need. 

girl and guy talking at WVU 

Facing Academic Suspension? 

You can appeal and sign a contract for readmission!

If you fall below the university's academic standards of a 2.0, you may be placed on academic probation or suspension.

Find out what you can do to appeal academic suspension.