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Student FAQs

Still looking for answers about the Center for Learning, Advising, and Student Success (CLASS) or Undergraduate Education? Check out our frequently asked questions. We've compiled a list of common questions from a range of students. 

If you still can't find what you need, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

Frequently Asked Questions from Our Students

Is CLASS part of WVU, or is it a different school?

It is a part of WVU. The Center for Learning, Advising and Student Success (CLASS) is within the Office of Undergraduate Education for West Virginia University. 

You will be attending classes in Morgantown, West Virginia, and will have access to the same resources that all other WVU students have.

Where is CLASS located?

CLASS's administrative offices are located in Stewart Hall and the Student Services Building. Advisers and student success program officers are located in the Student Services Building.

Unlike our degree-granting colleges at WVU, CLASS does not have its own building for classes. Instead, you’ll take classes in other buildings alongside students from other colleges.

How does a major relate to a college?

Each major is associated with a particular school or college. For example, a major of “management” is associated with the College of Business and Economics.

In order to earn a degree with this major, you will need to be “admitted” to this college.

Until you are formally admitted into the school or college that houses your major, you will be part of CLASS and you'll be assigned a professional adviser who will work with you one-on-one until you are admitted into the program of your choice. 

Why was I admitted into CLASS?

There are three reasons why you would be admitted into CLASS:

a. You have not yet chosen a major.

b. You selected a major when you applied, but you did not meet the entrance requirements for that program.

c. You plan to study pharmacy, occupational therapy, medical laboratory sciences, or immunology and medical microbiology.

How do I get to my program of choice from CLASS?

If you have an interest in a certain major, you will need to meet the admissions requirements for that major’s school or college. You’ll meet with your CLASS adviser, who will work with you to create an educational plan. This plan will help you improve your academic credentials as well as meet general education foundations requirements.

Once you meet the college’s or school’s academic requirements, you’ll then move on to that college or school. At that time, you’ll be formally declared a “management” major (for example), and will be assigned a new adviser from the college into which you move.

If I am admitted into CLASS, will it take me longer to graduate?

Not necessarily, though it will depend on your academic performance. Our goal is to help you matriculate into your major as soon as possible. Your adviser will help you develop an academic plan that is aimed at keeping you on track.

You’ll have the time you need to explore majors and career options while still fulfilling graduation requirements. 

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