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Academic Policy Committee

Undergraduate Policies and Procedures Goals

  • Streamline and clarify our policies and procedures affecting undergraduate education
  • Provide accurate documentation to governing bodies, the State and other constituencies.
  • Identify and implement best practices to advance academic initiatives and student success.
  • Promote assessment of student learning, student success, retention, and graduation across One WVU (from programs to schools to colleges on up).

The Academic Policy Committee is responsible for creating, reviewing, and approving university academic rules, policies, and definitions. Where academic policy includes graduate education, the policies and rules will be developed in tandem with the Associate Provost for Graduate Academic Affairs.

Academic year 2017-18 saw revision to policies related to Academic Definitions, Attendance, Pass/Fail Grading, GPA, Student Rights and Responsibilities, Textbook Affordability, Transient Credit, Admissions, Residency, Incomplete Grades, and Program Approval and Review.

Members and Review Process

The APC is comprised of faculty, Assistant/Associate Deans, program directors, and the Director of Assessment. It is chaired by the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education.

Three constituent groups review drafts of the policies prior to a 30-day campus comment period.The constituent groups reviewing policy are the Academic Associate Dean, a Faculty Senate ad hoc policy committee, and representatives of the Student Government Association.

AY 2018-19 Members

  • Paul Kreider, Vice Provost for Academic Strategies, Curriculum, and Assessment
  • Mark Gavin, Associate Provost for Academic Budget, Facilities and Strategic Initiatives
  • Aimee Pfeifer, Registrar
  • Gary Furbee, Deputy General Counsel
  • Valerie Lastinger, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Eberly College of Arts and Sciences
  • Laura Porter, Assistant Dean of Student Services, College of Education and Human Sciences
  • Robin Hensel, Assistant Dean for Freshman Experience, Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources
  • Louis Slimak, Director of Academic Excellence and Assessment
  • Kari Sand-Jecklin, Associate Professor, Nursing
  • Lena Maynor, Director of Student Affairs and Academic Initiatives, Health Sciences Center
  • Evan Widders, Associate Professor, Multidisciplinary Studies
  • Joe Seiaman, Executive Director of Academic Advising and Student Success
  • Phil Douthitt, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, WVU-Keyser
  • Joan Neff, Provost, WVUIT