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Probation and Suspension

All undergraduate students at WVU are expected to maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher. 

If you fall below the university's academic standards, you may be placed on academic probation or suspension. Find out more below and what you can do to appeal academic suspension. 

Academic Probation, Suspension and Suspension Appeals

A student with an overall grade point average (GPA) below 2.0 will be placed on probation and may be subject to suspension. Read the entire policy on WVU's catalog website. 

Any current student can raise his or her overall GPA to avoid academic probation and suspension.

Academic Probation

Every student placed on academic probation must enter into a contract with their college/school.  Once the student completes their contract, they must fulfill all conditions of the agreement.

If you fulfill the terms of the contract but are suspended after the spring term, then you can take part in the academic suspension appeals process (see below). 

Academic Suspension

A student will be placed on academic suspension if their overall GPA falls below a 2.0.  Please refer to the university’s official suspension guide

If you are suspended, you may choose to do any of the following:
  1.  Serve the Term of Suspension - The duration of the suspension is based on the number of times you have previously been suspended from the university. The first suspension is one regular term. The second suspension is one year. The third suspension is five years.  
  2. Take Summer Courses to Avoid Suspension - You may register for courses only at WVU or one its other campuses (Potomac State College or WVU Institute of Technology) to help raise your overall GPA. If you raise your overall GPA to the minimum requirement of 2.0 for reinstatement, then you can return for the fall term.  However, this still will count as suspension. If your overall GPA stays below the minimum requirement for reinstatement, you will be removed from fall courses and will serve the term of your suspension. Summer Boost is a program designed to help you increase your cumulative GPA and earn course credit during the summer term.
  3. Appeal Academic Suspension - You may appeal your suspension by applying for contractual readmission starting on May 11, 2018.  If you plan to appeal, you must complete an online application no later than June 1, 2018.  Please refer to the worksheet for guidance in completing the application, but any questions can be directed to  The application has three sections:
    • A question and answer section (regarding the circumstances of your current academic standing)  
    • A three-term academic plan demonstrating the ability to meet GPA requirements (listed in DegreeWorks and should be completed with your advisor)
    • Third-party documentation supporting your question and answer section

The application cannot be saved mid-progress.  Once you begin, you must complete the application, or you will lose all work.  You are strongly encouraged to utilize the provided worksheet to prepare your materials prior to beginning the application.

This application is used for your academic appeal, as well as the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal.  Each unit (academic college/school and Student Financial and Support Services) will have their own decision process.

One of two academic decisions can be made by your college's/school's Academic Standards Committee:

    • The committee grants the appeal, and you will be reinstated for the fall term under contractual readmission.  The contract will include academic requirements, as well as require you to utilize at least three resource tools, selected with your advisorStudents that do not meet the requirements of the contract by the end of the fall term will be required to serve their suspension beginning the following spring term.
    • The committee denies the appeal, and you will be suspended for a period of time as determined by the level of suspension.

One of two financial aid decisions can be made by the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee:

    • The committee grants the appeal, and you will regain financial aid eligibility on a probationary basis.  You will be reviewed at the end of each semester to ensure you are meeting the terms of the Academic Success Plan developed with your advisor (or to see if you have come into compliance or graduated).  You must adhere to the courses listed on your Academic Success Plan for the specific semesters under which they are listed.  If you are not able to take the courses during the listed semesters, you must update your Academic Success Plan with your advisor prior to the start of the semester.  If you do not meet the terms of your Academic Success Plan (and have not come into compliance at that time), further aid eligibility is removed immediately.  
    • The committee denies the appeal and you will lose financial aid eligibility. You can consider other forms of funding, such as:
                • Paying out-of-pocket;
                • Utilizing our monthly payment play to break institutional charges up into                         smaller payments;
                • Pursuing loans from private lenders by searching for loans which do not                             require satisfactory academic progress.  

Applying for Readmission

Suspended students who wish to be readmitted into the university after their required suspension period must apply for readmission prior to the semester in which you intend to return.  You will be readmitted to the college in which you were previously enrolled. You may transfer to another WVU college or school with the written approval of your dean. 

A readmitted student is placed on academic probation until his or her overall GPA is a 2.0 or higher. A student who completes baccalaureate-level coursework at a different institution during the suspension may transfer the coursework to WVU at the time of readmission.  You must earn a 2.0 GPA on all coursework completed during your suspension in order to be readmitted to the university.
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